Welcome to the Cody Brooks Center

The Cody Brooks Center is the coming together of parents who have lost children to the raging epidemic of drug use, addiction and overdose. As a non-profit organization, our short-term purpose is to raise sufficient funds to accomplish our long-term objective: The Cody Brooks Centers For Health, Happiness and Education of Today’s Youth.

Cody Brooks Center’s mission is to provide at-risk teenagers and young adults support and wellness programs with nurturing environments; boarding schools where teens and young adults will focus on learning while living in a community where they are safe from drugs, degrading social and sexual pressures and threats of gang related or random teen violence. The children we seek to help most are those that have no one to stand up for them and protect them from the realities of a deeply troubled generation.

Our core philosophy is that there are no bad kids, just bad drugs and broken environments. We will work to re-introduce them to the world, to a society that doesn’t need drugs to numb the pain. Our goal will be to help transform each person into an honest, ethical and contributing member of our society. We believe that kids do drugs because they don’t have the skills, the tools or possibly just the will to imagine a world where drugs are a choice, not an inevitable lifestyle.

But we need your help! If you share our concerns, and believe that we can and must make a difference, please donate today or contact us to learn more about how you can help us better the world and help our youth figh drug addiction.
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How You Can Help:
The Cody Brooks Center is raising funds right now to build the Cody Brooks Center boarding school in Texas. Our goal is to raise $3,250,000.00 by the end of December 2012. Click here to help us and make a donation today!

Our Mission:
To offer today’s at-risk teenagers support and wellness programs, a healthy environment that helps them discover life’s happier possibilities so they can become honest, ethical, contributing adults.

Plans to Get There:
Once the Centers are a reality we intend to structure the farming and energy programs to sustain the costs of running the schools. Learn More...